The 6 Ripple Effects of Unemployment

Unemployment can have terrible consequences on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Some of the other effects include:

Low Self-esteem:

If unemployed for an extended period, a person may eventually suffer from low self-confidence, depression, and hopelessness. Loss of income contributes to a negative attitude toward life in general. Dejection coupled with a lack of purpose may also increase suicidal tendencies.

Health diseases:

Apart from mental health, unemployment affects us physically as well. High blood pressure or heart conditions caused by tension are a common problem.

Social Outcast:

The lack self-esteem, as well as decreased spending ability, may cause a decline in social outings. Interactions with friends and family become rare, and a sense of loneliness may set in.

Unstable Homes:

The frustration of joblessness causes quarrels and arguments at home with spouses, siblings or parents in general. The underlying tension could contribute to broken homes.

Crime Rate:

Lack of job opportunities often pushes people towards crime and violence due to despair. Some, looking for opportunities to make quick money, turn to crime.

Affects Economy as well:

Unemployment affects spending power of individuals because people would rather save than spend their money.

Real Estate Issues:

With no income at hand, keeping up with various bills gets tough and sometimes may reach a point where your home is on the verge of foreclosure. If the overall financial status is bad, then the only suitable option may be either filing for bankruptcy or putting up your foreclosed house on sale.

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